Common Dental Emergencies


Fractured or Chipped Tooth from Trauma

Children experience falls and sports-related injuries every day. When these include blows to the mouth, they are often time-sensitive. The sooner your child can be seen by our team, the better. If we are able to treat a fractured or chipped tooth right away, we can often alleviate the necessity for more invasive treatments.

If you can locate the broken tooth fragments, bring them with you to your appointment. In some cases, these lost fragments can be bonded back directly onto the child’s tooth.


Knocked-Out Baby Tooth

Your child’s baby teeth will naturally fall out on their own, but if a baby tooth is prematurely knocked out, it’s important to be evaluated by a pediatric dentist. If you have the tooth, bring it with you to our office. Avoid trying to reinsert the baby tooth in the gums as this could damage the underlying permanent tooth. In the event of trauma, we will do our best to see your child right away and will provide you with proper next steps.


Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

If your child loses a permanent tooth to injury, please call our office right away. The sooner we can reimplant the tooth, the higher the success rate. Be sure to hold the lost tooth by the crown and not the root so as not to further damage the vital cells on the root. Do not rinse the tooth or place it in water. The tooth can be stored in cold milk or in saliva collected from your child’s mouth.



There can be many reasons for a toothache, but the most common cavities near the nerve or an active infection. These are considered dental emergencies so please call our office to have your child examined. The sooner we can determine the source of the toothache, the sooner we can treat the problem.

We offer convenient same-day appointments. You can never plan for an emergency, so our office reserves appointments for emergency situations. This ensures your child can be seen as soon as possible. If your child has experienced an emergency, please call Rochester Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics as soon as possible so we can address the issue and help your child smile again.